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I am a software engineer, former astrophysicist, and permanent political junky from San Francisco. As a theoretical astrophysicist, my specialty was cosmology and galaxy formation. In particular, I focused on scatter about cluster scaling relations between luminosity, velocity dispersion, and temperature and modeled the effects of scatter on the estimation of Dark Energy parameters. As a software engineer, my specialty is back-end systems for web applications, web services, and micro-services. Java and SQL have always been my bread-and-butter, but lately I've been foraying into Scala, Lisp, and distributed systems. Finally, as a political junky I've been losing friends and alienating people for decades. My weapons of choice are the Socratic method, the ruthless application of logic, and dry sarcasm, and my primary beat is media criticism. Don't worry, though. Typically only my friends on Facebook have to endure this glaring character defect.

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  1. TODO Realigning America : McKinley, Bryan, and the remarkable election of 1896
  2. TODO Principles of Data Science
  3. DONE Listen, Liberal

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